Simon Harwood went to the Hornsey College of Art in London, now part of Middlesex University. He went on to study for Master in Fine Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. He likes what Hokusai once said of himself:

At the age of 75 I have learned a little about the real structure of animals, plants, trees, fish and insects. When I am 80 you will see real progress. At 90 I shall have cut deeply into the mystery of life itself. At 100 I shall have reached something marvellous, but when I am 110 everything I create will be alive, as never before.

Hope gives warmth to the future.

Simon lectured in art at the University of Toronto and spent 9 years as the art teacher at A. S. Neill’s Summerhill School. He has shown widely in Canada and the United Kingdom. He lives, with his family, in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

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