Yvonne Parr’s paintings reflect life through landscape and the people around her, influenced by things she reads or sees or hears. Her work is filled with black humour, pathos, love and metamorphosis. These elements are often disguised by unexpected colour and by each other.

She begins by telling a story, which then changes as her thoughts progress. Triggers may be episodes of small account, often influenced by cruelty, sadness, pleasure or wicked fun. They may be events she has personally experienced, seen or heard about second- or third-hand. Unusual perspective and hidden writing often distorts and creates tension, drawing the viewer to make their own  story. Yvonne has painted many large diptychs and triptychs, each canvas standing in its own right, but allowing the story to extend.

Her latest paintings are inspired by the books of Cormac McCarthy and Patrick White, first brought to her attention by one of her tutors. They continue to fascinate and inspire her.

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