‘‘The places I paint have been visited many times in mind. I am drawn to certain abstract forms, themes and compositions. I feel the invisible patterns made by our presence,the trails and shapes we leave,as part of some relationship with a place, and the interaction of those patterns with other shapes and the sky.’’

Born in Leeds in 1954, John Fieldhouse began to concentrate on painting some 20 years ago, exhibiting in galleries in and around Newcastle, also contributing to mixed shows in London. In 1994, John collaborated with another artist to setup The Chatton Gallery. After three years in partnership he decide to concentrate on painting full time.

John Fieldhouse has been painting in the Borders area for the past twenty five  years with a brief sojourn to try out life in Southern Spain. This lapse was short lived and a return to the landscape in which he feels most at home has resulted in a series of very successful shows.

His next one man show will take place in September 2019 at The School House Gallery, Alnmouth, Northumberland.

John’s work can be viewed in a private gallery which is housed next to his studio at Smithy cottage, Fenham le Moor, or on his website as below:

Anyone wishing to visit would be advised to phone ahead or email.

For Further Information:



Land line: 01668 219627

Mobile:   07483212456   or  07483873325