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Nigel Leighton

A ceramics and mixed media artist living and working in the Scottish Borders.

Jo Ladd

Textile artist and maker living & working in St Abbs, Scotland

Emma Jones

Wee Blue Press is run by Printmaker Emma Jones goes under the name of Wee Blue Press. After 20 years spent designing websites and managing social media accounts, I became fascinated with old fashioned printmaking. I love sketching using pencil, getting covered in ink...

Penny Cuthbert

The work explores the land, its geology and archeology by making connections with the past and present, through physical and human remnants, fragments, the layers of time. Borders form an ongoing series. Textures and space are important with Collage, Assemblage,...

Yvonne Parr

Yvonne Parr's paintings reflect life through landscape and the people around her, influenced by things she reads or sees or hears. Her work is filled with black humour, pathos, love and metamorphosis. These elements are often disguised by unexpected colour and by each...

Ian Moutter

Ian Moutter is an artist, multi-tasker based in the Borders of Scotland, “I look out of my front windows and see England and out of my back windows I see Scotland“. Art college and he failed to get on, “Looking back I was a bit wild and there was so much to...

Mark Irving

A self taught artist despite 5 years at art college. “ It was in the seventies, anything went.... and it did”. For Further Information:

Michael Bergin

Edinburgh College of Art - Dipl. Art (1961-1964) Murray House College of Education - Dipl. Ed. (1964-1965) Jordanhill College of Education - Dipl. Special Ed. (1966-1967) Art Teacher/Management Special Education (1967-1997) Exhibitions: English Speaking Union (joint,...